James Adams // "Going Off" ft. Lil Deer

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Jun 6th News -

Just released my latest album this year in February! And after being on hiatus a moment, I plan to release a new single sometime either late July or early August. So stay tune!


Jun 9th News - 

Hey everyone! Just wanted to update you all, but first, if you haven't streamed my new album, 'Story of a Broken Heart', please go check that out. It really helps out a lot. I also wanted to say that next month is my birthday, so I will be working on more video content in preparation for next month, since I have new music and since it's been about 4 months now since I released my recent album. That being said, if you would support me on my socials as well, it would really mean a lot to me and help out. It's @JamesAdamsSTAYLEGIT on alls social media. Thanks a lot for the support. And Stay Legit!